Going “Top Fuel” with The Parts House

This past week, we had the opportunity to photograph a day-long event on behalf of The Parts House (TPH).  The event, for TPH employees and vendors, consisted of a conference and balloon challenge, supplier expo, and awards gala – and the guys at TPH pulled out all the stops!  Guest speaker Clay Millican -Driver of the Parts Plus Top Fuel dragster and a record 6 time IHRA world champion – got the crowd revved up (I know – horrible pun) about excellence and service.

On display were Clay’s Top Fuel dragster as well as Wood Brothers’ 21 car, raced in 2011 by Trevor Bayne.  The expo also included industry leading suppliers of OEM, aftermarket and automotive supplies.

The day was capped at Deerwood Country Club,  with a lively and entertaining awards gala – as evidenced by the photo above!  And yes, that is a guy – a very large guy – dressed as a redheaded lady.  Below are our favorite photos from this event.  Enjoy!

Want to see more of our architectural work?  Check out our full portfolio at www.deremerstudios.com/events.html.

Copyright 2011 Deremer Studios – Jacksonville, FL
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