Photo of the Day: Look Out Below!!!

So, it seems this photo of the day thing is becoming more common…

Above is a photo I snapped while headed back from a commercial shoot is South Florida.  Part of the shoot was out in the Everglades, so we decided to take Rt 27 North to Lake Okeechobee.  On the way out from the lake, I saw this plane diving down toward the road at an alarming angle.  Thankfully, I recognized the body style as a crop duster, so I didn’t have a heart attack, crash, burn and die.

Instead, I pulled over, and started snapping away as the plane did a circling pattern over our heads.  Enjoy!

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One comment on “Photo of the Day: Look Out Below!!!

  1. I love aviation photography and love this image. It has a very nice composition and the fact the plane is spraying at the time of the shot gives it a sense of purpose. Good shot

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