Photo of the Day: The Moon Deserves a Halo

1920 x 1280 DS Wallpaper 137 Moon Halo

This evening, I received a hot tip from our friends at ICY Pictures to look up (while outside).  This is what I found in the Florida Sky – a glowing moon, Jupiter nestled right next to it, and an ice halo that took up about a 1/3rd of the night sky.  Pretty amazing stuff!  Check out some of my other favorite starry night photos below!

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4 comments on “Photo of the Day: The Moon Deserves a Halo

  1. John says:

    The halo means rain is coming in about 24 hours…

  2. D J says:

    I just so happened to be in Florida, visiting from Virginia, at the time the moon was in this phase. It was truly amazing to see. I took at few pictures with my digital camera and it was so large, in Crystal River, that I was unable to capture the entire halo effect. Glad to see that someone did. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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