Jax Chamber Startup Quest – Innovation Hits the First Coast

2013 08 Commercial Chamber 07 Startup Quest

Last week we again worked with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, this time covering the final session and award reception for a new program – Startup Quest.   If you have seen Shark Tank, you’ve got an idea of what this is all about.  One of the first programs like this in the United States, Startup Quest is designed as a 10 week entrepreneurship simulator for degree-holding professionals in the Jacksonville area.  Each group took 10 weeks to research, develop and finally present their innovation to a panel of judges who weighed a variety of criteria to determine the winning team (below).  My verdict – this program is a great way to gain additional skills and an entrepreneurial spirit!

2013 08 Commercial Chamber 17 Startup Quest

Below are some of our favorite shots from the shoot – enjoy!

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