Moving Day – We’re headed to

The Deremer Studio Blog is moving to

Big News!  After almost three years, 370 posts, 5100 photos, and 280,000 views, we’ve decided to move the hosting of our WordPress blog onto our own site.  The new blog location will be  We’ve transferred over all the archives, including all the images, comments and likes to the new location, so you’ll still be able to search and find what you’re looking for from the past three years.  For the time being, we’ll be keeping this site up as well, though all new posts will be at the new blog location.    For most of you, your subscription should transfer over to the new site without an issue, but if you’ve signed up for email updates, you’ll need to sign up a second time.

As always, if you enjoy our photos, please share the new blog address with your friends and help us spread the word!

Check out our Deremer Studios site:
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