Shoreline Dinners and Conference Dreams with Inovalon

2013 09 Inovalon Amelia 08 Ritz-Carlton

One more post for today – this was a really fun and unique event we had the privilege of covering at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.  The group, Inovalon, hosted a truly wonderful event at the resort – with lots of innovative ideas that really made the conference a memorable occasion.  Take, for example, the beachfront dinner – not only did the group have a beautiful location and stunning decor (above), but check out the gallery below to see their custom flip-flops and the guests encounter with the resort’s parrot, Amelia.

2013 09 Inovalon Amelia 06 Ritz-Carlton

If you happened upon our previous post, you’ll know we spent a great evening at Fort Clinch as well.  Be sure to check out all the fun shots we were able to capture at that great setting.  As always, feel free to download any or all of the images for use as desktop wallpaper!  Enjoy!

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The Civil War at Night – Fort Clinch Under the Stars in HD

2013 09 Fine Fort Clinch 05 Civil War at Night

If you’ve followed us for any time, you probably know I am fascinated and moved by the heroes and horrors of the American Civil War.  Last week, we had the pleasure of shooting an event for Inovalon, which included a beautiful evening at Fort Clinch, a Civil War-era fort on the the northern tip of Amelia Island.  The fort itself has a relatively bloodless, but none the less fascinating history that I always enjoy.  To learn (and see) more about the fort, please feel free to visit our post on the 150th Anniversary of Union capture of the Fort.

2013 09 Fine Fort Clinch 09 Civil War at Night

But back to this shoot – while there I had the opportunity to capture some fine art images for our client as well as the typical event photos we provide.  The evening looked like rain, but by dusk a sliver of sky was lit ablaze by the setting sun, making for some amazing conditions for that Ken Burns style of sunset photography you may have seen during his documentary, The Civil War. The group was also treated to a pair of twilight field artillery firings courtesy of the a great group of civil war reenactors attached to the fort (below).

2013 09 Fine Fort Clinch 04 Civil War at Night

As always, feel free to share, download and enjoy!  All images are 1920 x 1080 pixels – perfect for 1080P HD wallpaper for your computer!

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Fun Under the Amelia Sun – Part 1

Last week we had the privilege of spending several days at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island with a great commercial client.  The resort not only provided some wonderful meals and amazing service, but they also coordinated a selection of great activities.  In this post, I’ve highlighted jet skiing and sailing, as well as an amazing reception at the historic Civil War site – Fort Clinch.  Enjoy the photos!

All the photos can be downloaded for free as HD desktop wallpaper.  Simply click on a photo below, click on the permalink (bottom right), save the HD wallpaper by right clicking the “1280×720″ link, and selecting save as.

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150 Years Later: Rediscovering Fort Clinch

Just today, we had the opportunity to shoot another signature Fernandina event for the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council. This time, we visited Fort Clinch – a Civil War era fort that 150 years ago today, was occupied by union troops (and remained in union custody until the conclusion of the war).  On the first weekend of every month, you’ll find more than your average tourist walking around these ancient ground.  In fact, you’ll be surrounded by troops, doctors, shop keepers, and a slew of other folk straight out of 1862.

Along with a large contingent of other guests, we spent the morning with these dedicated folks, learning much about life in the 19th century. From the joy of dental work (the patient had to use a foot pedal to power the drill), to soldier life in the south before vaccines, to live cannon firing demonstrations (below), the morning was certainly a treat!

Being a history buff myself, this trip was especially enjoyable for me.  Inspired by the day, I decided to do a little extra work on several of the photos to give them a period feel (above and below).  To do this I created vignetting on the sides, added a progressive blur toward the outsides, and did a slight textured overlay to make it all come together.  I thought the finished product turned out well.

Also – neat fact.  As you may know, i grew up in NH.  While talking with one of the park rangers, come to discover that the granite used in the construction of the fort is no other than NH rock!  Pretty cool stuff.   Anyway, here are several of our favorite photos from the day – as always, downloadable as HD desktop wallpaper.  Enjoy!

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